We are glad you have come to this site for our children’s book lists and have expressed an interest in children’s literature for its use in character building, character education, and in education in general. We have both been teachers for a number of years at private schools that emphasize character building, a strong education, and the importance of literature in education, and which include a formal program in character education that incorporates children’s literature as a character building tool and an educational tool.

As educators, we firmly believe that the primary purpose of education is to develop and train character in children. One of the main tools used in an effective program of character building and character education, both at home and at school, is children’s literature. After numerous requests from friends and parents for children’s book lists of wholesome children’s literature or children’s book recommendations for children’s books to be used in character education, we have developed two children’s literature book lists. We have a general reading list for children and teens, titled “Books We Enjoyed As Kids,” which is a book list of wholesome, conservative children’s books, and another children’s literature book list, “Books that Build Character,” which is a more specific list of books that model or teach a particular character trait.

We also have a short explanation of why and how we use literature as a character education tool. children’s literature can be very useful both in education in general and in character education in particular, because the role models in good children’s literature model the virtues in which we wish to educate our children.

These book lists of children’s literature can be used as a summer reading list, as a reference for a program of home character education and character building, or (as we have done) in a formal program of character education at school.

We have gotten so many requests for information on where to purchase children’s books that we have begun building links to sources right in the children’s book list and character education book list itself.

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